March 29 goes to Tweety

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Wow, today is the ‘one month’ before my day come in the next 31 days.

I’ll write (maybe just put) some words, moments, feelings, hopes and jokes :p to re-run the days before.

I’ll keep these as a thing that I have to be thanked for.

Before the clock reach up to 00.00 I’ll quickly post it.

Here they’re:

  1. An hour before, I suddenly found Ten2five-Hold On lyrics on a twitter of an artist who is studying at Melbourne now. Guess who she was! :p It’s quite happy enough to make my day! Then I downloaded it quick hihi.
  2. I met a mom plus her kid (looks like in the playgroup age), then courageously waiting for something happened at that ‘quite’ public transportation. To make sure that everything was right, I always take a glance at them both. Suddenly, the mom said “x, don’t be like that! Mom is busy just for you! Don’t you understand?”. That words came out because seconds before, the kid made some rude act to his mom. A moment after, they shout to stop the car. And the mom was just paid one thousand for them both. Jeez! I couldn’t make any point about that. But finally, I hope, the parents out there should be more ‘kindly’ when teaching their kid. Prepare everything!
  3. Humm. This one is hard. Hehe! Because when I need a help of a friend to ‘hurry’ make some design of something, I got a surprised. As my sister from different mom said “He was look alike of an artist. Maybe the only kid of memes and adi ms”. Hahaha hope it will be good in the day after J
  4. Based on an organization that I pray for ( :p ), I should go for it’s program in this year of July. But, my skill of this language delayed me until next year. Well.. I’m not fully unsatisfied of it. I’m thanked God because I can fully concentrate on the things in ahead (final task) on the next semester.
  5. For the things that have left. I should thanked it all for God. From Him. And to Him J
  6. I hope I could remember these tweets before I reaching up the ‘tweety-yellowy’ age (pssst.. at least I’m still young between my peers ;p ):

RT @jaesonma: Today is a brand new day, a brand new year… the old is gone & the new has come. Don’t look back, but forward with your eyes on Christ!

RT @jaesonma: Dear God, this day give me the strength to focus my heart, soul, strength & mind like flint to honor You, know You & to do Your will ~ amen



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I can read

Lazyness meet The Dilligent

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I believe in the word of Miracle. But more into Hardwork.

Now I know what it’s mean. It’s mean to make a regular practice every second, every hour, every minute, every hour and everyday. And that’s why I’m so in love with what we also called “words”, “statement”, “quotes”, “literature”, and all the same damn things.

I almost forget to add this story: today, i just went to sleep at 5.30 am (Dec 08 ’09). And suddenly woke up at 11.00 am (Dec 08 ’09). I ‘m so freakin bad. At 11.20 I should attend Character Building class. Then what I can do is just sent my friend a message and said: “Kalo sekali absen, gapapa kan ya?”

LOL. I forgot that this class lecturer is sooo good. Haha. We should attend all the class of him if we want to get an A score. Woott?? I just have a sleepyhead. That’s it. Then I get back to my bedroom to prepare everything for the next class. At 01.20pm. At least I still have 1 hour to go.

Thanks, Jesus!

Oh I’ve found this stuff just a minute ago:

Things to Prepare Before Applying a Scholarship

Getting a scholarship for an overseas study is a competitive process. This is because many people like you want the scholarship, but not all can be awarded. The cholarship money is simply not enough to fund all at once. Also, the scholarship providers want to ensure that only the best, well prepared applicants are selected and so the money is spent rightly and efficiently to what it is intended for. So, you have to be a winner!

Lots of people have won scholarship. You hear this every time. But how have they done this good job? Are they luckier or more superior or intelligent than others? No, they are not! If you ask them about the winning secrets are, they may simply give you the following lists: things to prepare or consider before applying a scholarship.

Academic certificate and transcript

Soon after graduation, do not wait. Obtain your original academic certificate and transcript, and make some copies of them. You need to certify them and, remember, that people at university are some times going somewhere when you need their signatures. More importantly, you need to translate both your academic certificate and transcript. Check around, there maybe some people have done the same. This will ease the task. If not, they are yours anyway. When you are done, it is wise to get other people to see them. They may give you valuable inputs, even correcting misspelled course names. Again, you need signatures of dean and rector on the translated version of your academic certificate and record.

Research proposal

You need to decide earlier which study route you are going to undertake – course or research or both. If you prefer a course-based study, you do not need a proposal. But if you are going to do a research, you definitely need a research proposal.

Good research proposal require time and energy to construct. So it is always better to prepare it earlier. Basically, the proposal will not be much different to the one you have done previously in your research as part of your undergraduate study. This will include background, objective, problems or questions to answer, hypothesis, methodology, and references. These are the essences of a proposal. For more on research proposal, read here and here

When you are done with those basic requirements, ask suggestions from others. When the application is open, check if the scholarship provider requires a bit more to what you have prepared.

Letter from intended university and supervisors

Download application form from the university website and fill it before send it back to the university. The university will respond you and issue you with a letter of acceptance. You may indicate in the form that you will begin your study next year, waiting for a scholarship which you are now struggling for. Most likely they will issue you with a conditional acceptance. They will keep reissuing this until you succeed with your scholarship application.

While your are in the website, go to your targeted department or school to find your potential supervisor. Even, this needs to be done first before filling in a admission form. The reason you will not studying in this university unless you have got an academic staff willing to supervise you. So get their email address, and make contacts with them. In the first time, you just need to introduce yourself, mention your academic background and your research proposal, and ask if he/she is available to supervise you. If they are busy because there are many students already under their responsibilities, don’t panic. Ask him/her if they know people around there who are still able to take additional students.

The good with the letter from university and supervisor when you have them at hand is that you can attach them to your application form and present them to the interviewers. These letters will increase your chances of winning the scholarship because the interviewers will so impressed that you are better prepared and have taken more advanced steps compared to other candidates.

from: Scholarship

Hope it will help everyone someday.

Music Video playing: Me – Super Junior, Wonderboy – Super Junior

Countdown: to 3 months 23 days

Personality info

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I go through someone’s blog (again) and found this link. With the largest curiosity of mine, I made account there and finally got the point with this badge :

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I don’t even know how could I be so into Linguistic but this is the

Career Matches

  • Writer (any type)
  • Editor
  • Public Speaker
  • Politician
  • Preacher
  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Broadcaster
  • English / Writing Tutor
  • Actor / Actress

Yes I really want to be a Journalist. But unfortunately I have drowned into Information System major. Well no. I’m not solely complain about this situation. Indeed, I thought that I was on a pity. I do enjoyed to be one of the student in this most favorite major for a whole of my life instead.

And the second is Musical Intelligence: I like when “Can easily memorize songs”, “Notice and enjoy different sounds”. But maybe not this one “Talented with an instrument or singing”. Hahaha! I’m not that special :p

About the ESFP, I am proud when Homer Simpson have this -cooperative, “here and now” people-persons that enjoy excitement and love new adventures-personality. LOL.

Besides Homer there are: Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Elvis Presley, and Elizabeth Taylor for God’s sake!


note: I need the wider screen for editing these whole writing :’)


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I just looking at Alanda’s blog. And suddenly got this news:

Yes, the new theme lasted for a very short amount of time. I’m not a fan of pink actually, but I thought it might bring a new ambiance to my blog. Apparently, there are a lot of people who doesn’t like it and I think a dark theme (with my favourite colour, blue!) is waaay better for now. Did you know that a dark colour can save the energy?

A search engine tool, Blackle, has saved 1,2 Megawatt hours! Blackle is a black version of Google. It was created by Heap Media and is powered by Google Custom Search. According to thisA given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen. That’s why I set my homepage to Blackle, and changed my theme back to black. Small steps do matter, don’t they?

And that’s why I changed my theme just yesterday. It was all because of the aish! 😉

Super Junior

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I just getting amazed with these 13 Korean BOYS. When I first saw them on google ( yeah as always :p ), I thought they all were fake! But my opinion was getting wrong. One week ago, my friend gimme the DVD about their tour,  drama and festival ( for this year, at ASF – which Agnes Monica got her medal for i-dont-know-the-part ).

Then I feel like ah it must be not that cool as like Michale Jackson, Alicia Keys, Busted or even Linkin Park, Simple Plan ( Crazy), 2StepsNorth. Then I got that wrong side.

They are pretty cool. Hahaha! I watched SuJu FULL HOUSE, EHB, Asian Star Festival ( but the dvd didn’t work ), and MiniSeridrama ( also didn’t work ). But I’ve watched their Japan Concert ( though it’s soooo *kresek-kresek*), I must say I love them. But the very first thing that everyone should get is:

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

There. Difficult. But what if we say: “Okay, I’m gonna try to know and search what they do, for, and the reason”. Dig it. This is my third post on November. How not-so-update am I?? — AHUAHUAHEU 😛

Bye, everyone! I will let the world know about SJ later! 🙂


Morrie Schwartz

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“The mourning never stops.”

The trick, he says, is to seek balance.

“I have to cry, I have to mourn,

but I have to enjoy the life that I have left,”

source: Morrie
Mitch Albom