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Vera Wang

New York Fall 2090
Friday, February 20, 2009

(NEW YORK) Vera Wang downsized this season, showing her Fall 2009 collection in her new SoHo store instead of Bryant Park, but her designs showed no signs of the change. Predominately black, texture provided interest in the form of wrinkled cotton, strips of bias-cut charmeuse and chiffon pieced together, folds of tissue organza, sequined colorblocks, and-on the tougher side-techno gabardine and scuba. Citing “Peggy Guggenheim and her extraordinary life in Venice” as the inspiration behind the collection, sculpted skirts, oversized suits, and t-shirt dresses (brought back tight to the body with scuba corsets) showed Wang at her elegant, edgy best.


Milan Fall 2009
Monday, March 02, 2009

(MILAN) Rossella Jardini always indulges her flights of fancy, and this season, quirky little touches threatened to overwhelm the classic silhouettes. But this is Moschino, after all, and that’s how it should be. Navy jackets were studded with rosettes or topped with twisted silk collars and cuffs, while a red sheath was gussied-up with cascading ruffles from hip to knee. These exaggerated curves, which have emerged as one of Milan’s most cohesive trends, exemplified this brand’s obsession with playfulness. It worked beautifully in a navy silk frock with a layer of rose petals trapped between the base and a chiffon overlay.

VPL by Victoria Bartlett

New York Fall 2009
Sunday, February 15, 2009

(NEW YORK) Victoria Bartlett stuck to her roots for her Fall 2009 collection, shown on Saturday at Focus Studios. Skinny pants, knits that simultaneously clung and draped, looped knit scarves, and–of course–layers, where undergarments are just as important as the outer ones. VPL’s play-on-words (that’s Visible Panty Lines, chicettes) may no longer be new, but her line of sporty, futuristic bras and undergarments sell alongside the rest of her apparel, and that will remain the case with her latest collection. She had specific inspirations–“There are a lot of references to the Picasso women, the surrealist times, how they kind of reconfigured the lines of where the body went,” Bartlett said–but aside from voluminous, sculptural suits, body-print bodysuits, and human hair (yes, human hair) trim, it was the same VPL.

Milly by Michelle Smith

New York Fall 2009
Thursday, February 19, 2009

(NEW YORK) There’s a reason that Ken Downing and Linda Fargo love Milly–the brand delivers season after season, offering its devoted customer more of what she deserves. This season, easy little swing coats and metallic minis emerged as focal points, with a rich caramel hue dominating the palette. “I was inspired by Manhattan’s gallery girls,” explained designer Michelle Smith. The look? Rich as hell. The price point? Very welcome. This contemporary designer does updated classics better than her contemporaries. With clothes this solid, accessories must be next.

Burberry Prorsum

Milan Fall 2009
Monday, March 02, 2009

(MILAN) Those seeking relief from the narrowest possible silhouettes currently assaulting Fall runways found plenty to love at Burberry, where designer Christopher Bailey looked to those Bloomsbury brainiacs for throw-on coats, cozy cardigans and slouchy silk dresses. In true Burberry fashion, outerwear was key, with trenches and shearlings warring for equal runway time. Sturdy, heeled boots and fur scarves kept it modern. Overall, though, Bailey’s retro take on dressing is more modern than some of his contemporaries, especially when comparing a ’30s vintage with the ’80s.

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today’s quote

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Have a vision. Keep an open mind. And continue to update a list of outfits and keep it handy. – GoGirl online

Cheap Chic Fashion, High Fashion? Why Not?

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While the rest of the world embracing this trend, including your favorite retailers, would you buy the designer’s collection if they are mass distributed? How do you find the real bargain? How do you spot the sophisticated cheap chic and not be fooled by buying the apparel that is merely cheap? And the most important of all is how do you decide what to buy and what not when there are so many cheap stuff and all designers owned?

Here are some tips for you that work for me and hopefully it will work for you as well:

1. What to buy. By being surrounded by the fashion-savvy discount department stores and retailers, you probably would upgrade your wardrobe more often than you might have expected. Don’t make a drastic change. Keep your own unique style by getting just the important cheap chic pieces to achieve the more updated look.

2. Where to buy. From your experience, keep in mind which retailers serve you the best with their cheap chic collection, best price and service. Loyalty pays. You might want to be on their member list and be the first ones to know about their clearance event. If it’s a small boutique, there is a chance that you might get a bigger discount than anybody else.

3. When to buy. Timing is important to steal the deal on cheap chic items. Try to keep up to date with the sales and bargain by using your most convenient media. Mine is internet and try to memory or put in your calendar when they usually have their annual or semi annual or their biggest sale event. That way you know whether you have to wait to buy or not.

4. How to buy. Stick with just the important pieces that you need. Remember the cost per wear, if you buy to many sale items that you would use only once, you might not actually save any money.

5. Why to buy. Fashion evolves but the trend sometimes rotates. By buying just the important pieces you can update your wardrobe without robbing the bank. If you buy good quality cheap chic apparel they definitely can be a great investment for the future when the trend is back in fashion.

Shopping can be tiring sometimes, physically and mentally. You could succumb to impulse buying and low tags instead of buying what you needed or wanted. Over the years I monitored my buying patterns and each year I tried to come up with a good shopping habit that shape me to be a smart shopper. These are some of the things I have to know before I hit the stores:

1. Missing important pieces. I store my clothes by the color. Some even are stored as coordinated semi ready outfits (layer of tops) to make sure that I just keep the clothes that work for me and I still can wear. This helps you in putting away your unwanted and unfit clothes and giving more room for the new ones.

2. The it list. By creating a fashion wish list you know what you want to buy when the time arrives. Write down as many as you want and as time goes the list would shrink down as you know which ones are the best for you and your budget.

3. Store policy. Avoid paying for something that you can’t use or getting a penalty or additional fee from it.

4. Time efficiency. Call ahead of time if you need to make a trip to a store. Make sure you come on the right day and you know that the item will wait for you. If it’s on first come first serve basis, you have no other choice other that run to the store ASAP.

If you’re wondering what deal sites that I check regularly (some even have news feed feature available), here they are for your reference:


My favorite discount retailers (I mostly find the great deals in the brick and mortar stores rather than at the online store), even though not limited to, are:

* Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s, JC Penney, Mervyn’s, Kohl’s, Target, Forever 21 (Gadzook, Heritage are owned by Forever 21)
Loehmann’s, ROSS,

For styles and latest trend in fashion and beauty I learn a lot from these sites and blogs:


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whity white

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i don’t knoe exactly where i get this picture from. but i really like this picture (because of the white overall color there). hihi. maybe the designer also like white color as i like. whatever! anyone of you like white color? it’s good. 🙂

regards, nya.

fashion passion

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learn to walk away
learn to walk away by dear MARiA count me in.♥ featuring Coach clutches

speechless : )

speechless : )

“]what a nice couple : ]

what a nice couple :

i swear that i really layk that kind of style. vanessa and zack just make me know that neutral colors would make us feel natural overall.. maybe it’s becus of our height and face and the all the good posture of us furthermore.. smakin lama smakin ngaco deh additional english gue.. after took toefl exam ya gini deh jadinya. hahah : )

hope u enjoy it ;P