#1 phone-notes

I get enough of what I always noted on the phone. Now, I will throw it up in here. Let’s clear the phone! J

Movie to go:

  1. Valentine’s day
  2. Confucius.
  3. Up in the air
  4. 3idiots
  5. Percy The Lightening Thief
  6. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus
  7. Hachiko
  8. Happy Go Lucky
  9. When In Rome
  10. The hurt Locker
  11. Clash of the titans
  12. Lovely Bones
  13. Remember me
  14. How to train your dragon

And sometimes I updated my list of some movies that I’ve been watched before. With some movies of kind-of-forgotten-to-be-rent. So I SHOULD rent some (after finishing this mid-term of 6th semester exam! J

  1. Daddy’s camp
  2. The bucket list
  3. King
  4. Runaway vacation
  5. Garfield funfest
  6. Breaking and entering
  7. G-force
  8. W (George Washington-the President)

Here are some accompanied-notes to the above movies that haven’t been watched huhu.

  1. Are we done yet
  2. Daddy day care
  3. The pacifier
  4. The international
  5. Color of paradise
  6. Children of heaven
  7. LeSilence
  8. Turtles can fly (I bet this movie were supper! A must-find movie then.)

Wish I got God’s great grace to the whole this year to finishing watching them until the end of this year. Struggle! (it’s like I will abandon my assignment in midstream hahah :p)

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