March 29 goes to Tweety

Wow, today is the ‘one month’ before my day come in the next 31 days.

I’ll write (maybe just put) some words, moments, feelings, hopes and jokes :p to re-run the days before.

I’ll keep these as a thing that I have to be thanked for.

Before the clock reach up to 00.00 I’ll quickly post it.

Here they’re:

  1. An hour before, I suddenly found Ten2five-Hold On lyrics on a twitter of an artist who is studying at Melbourne now. Guess who she was! :p It’s quite happy enough to make my day! Then I downloaded it quick hihi.
  2. I met a mom plus her kid (looks like in the playgroup age), then courageously waiting for something happened at that ‘quite’ public transportation. To make sure that everything was right, I always take a glance at them both. Suddenly, the mom said “x, don’t be like that! Mom is busy just for you! Don’t you understand?”. That words came out because seconds before, the kid made some rude act to his mom. A moment after, they shout to stop the car. And the mom was just paid one thousand for them both. Jeez! I couldn’t make any point about that. But finally, I hope, the parents out there should be more ‘kindly’ when teaching their kid. Prepare everything!
  3. Humm. This one is hard. Hehe! Because when I need a help of a friend to ‘hurry’ make some design of something, I got a surprised. As my sister from different mom said “He was look alike of an artist. Maybe the only kid of memes and adi ms”. Hahaha hope it will be good in the day after J
  4. Based on an organization that I pray for ( :p ), I should go for it’s program in this year of July. But, my skill of this language delayed me until next year. Well.. I’m not fully unsatisfied of it. I’m thanked God because I can fully concentrate on the things in ahead (final task) on the next semester.
  5. For the things that have left. I should thanked it all for God. From Him. And to Him J
  6. I hope I could remember these tweets before I reaching up the ‘tweety-yellowy’ age (pssst.. at least I’m still young between my peers ;p ):

RT @jaesonma: Today is a brand new day, a brand new year… the old is gone & the new has come. Don’t look back, but forward with your eyes on Christ!

RT @jaesonma: Dear God, this day give me the strength to focus my heart, soul, strength & mind like flint to honor You, know You & to do Your will ~ amen

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