Super Junior

I just getting amazed with these 13 Korean BOYS. When I first saw them on google ( yeah as always :p ), I thought they all were fake! But my opinion was getting wrong. One week ago, my friend gimme the DVD about their tour,  drama and festival ( for this year, at ASF – which Agnes Monica got her medal for i-dont-know-the-part ).

Then I feel like ah it must be not that cool as like Michale Jackson, Alicia Keys, Busted or even Linkin Park, Simple Plan ( Crazy), 2StepsNorth. Then I got that wrong side.

They are pretty cool. Hahaha! I watched SuJu FULL HOUSE, EHB, Asian Star Festival ( but the dvd didn’t work ), and MiniSeridrama ( also didn’t work ). But I’ve watched their Japan Concert ( though it’s soooo *kresek-kresek*), I must say I love them. But the very first thing that everyone should get is:

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

There. Difficult. But what if we say: “Okay, I’m gonna try to know and search what they do, for, and the reason”. Dig it. This is my third post on November. How not-so-update am I?? — AHUAHUAHEU 😛

Bye, everyone! I will let the world know about SJ later! 🙂


2 Responses to “Super Junior”

  1. Cheyla_Choi Ha Neul Says:

    well done cheyla…
    mission complete, yeaah..^.^v
    *spread the words bout them..

    • But I still lack of SuJu updates :’)
      Well finally you have put your troubles into me. Huahaha.
      I really adore em. Cucuuuu *childish of Suju. LOL :b

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