Boredom-Bordom-Bore dumdimdum

Have you ever feel being rejected? Have you ever feel being useless for others? and..

Have you ever feel being alone in the crowd? the answer is: only YES or NO! isn’t it?

It’s about human feelings that never been satisfied with what they ever have. They just trying to make the situation around in the gloomy mood. HA ha! That’s weird. Come on! Tale a glance. Breath easy (tsahh. it’s like a song to sing).. 😀

anyway the problem which is commonly faced by everyone are:

People always rejected themselves. Underestimate themselves. Make themselves in the lonelier world without compromising the TRUTH. The Real Condition that another people feeling is just the same as you feel.  and YOU just don’t wanna wasting time on looking at the people’s sight!

There. You just don’t wanna sank into their feeling. Ask them. Tell them that YOU  too feel boredom. From the situation around. From the wrecked and unkind people’s face. And from the atmosphere that turns YOU into that madness. That craziness madness.

You just have to choose. 😀 😀 😀

Whether YOU want to show your boredom face off. Or asking them something that can turns their feeling into the different side later. It’s useful indeed. Because you will know how good they’re in inside. Not just JUDGE THE BOOK BY IT’S COVER. But dig their personality deeply. Of course without harm it.

Let them freely talk to you as you’re their closest friends. Though you’re never expecting for it. It’s up to you. Choose the good side to start and end the day. or otherwise? well, just wanted to know how much did you care for the environment around.. siya!

WAIT! I just love this cute cartoon:


she’s just been cute for the first time i see her smile in here Dinah the Dachshund

argh..  have to continue to my project. vaaaaayyyy!

and if you don’t mind, add me on Twitter. Have a good Friday! yihuu!

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