Twitter App

since i love to tweet my lovely sentences on Twitter , now I’m gonna make some recommended application to remember everyone that this social network can be use for every gadget (Woo hoo! 😀 ). So here are everything that I now for twitter app.

The Original Twitter application

The app. for home-daily-using is Tweetdeck

One of the most common app. for people. And it’s easy to check the every status on people updates is TwitterFox but now change into Echofon

The app. for iPhone Tweetie

This one is like a taxi on my city, Jakarta : Bluebird

For everyday-use, I always check my friend’s status on TwitterFox, Twitter, Tweetdeck and Tweete. The last one is for desktop use or Mobile. You can get the updates everywhere. Though you don’t have iPhone or BlackBerry.

See you on another Gorgeous app! 😀

#This is one of the source where I get the information :

Kumpulan Aplikasi Twitter

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