Big Ben Parliament


Big Ben! I searched this stuff for a half hour. Ga ketemu ampe gambarnya aneh-aneh. ternyata gue gugelnya “BIG BENG”. Why not Beng-Beng skalian? and I picked this morning view is because I like the Start. why Big Ben? It’s clock. I am enthusiastic into watch, clock, hour, times, and the every seconds for these days.

Because of March! Yes March! That month will gonna be kill me. If I’m not mistaken, that was the month where the contract-signing of my Project of one NGO being started. Heck. Kecekek gue. Oct. Nov. Des. Jan. Feb. and MARCH everbodeeeh!! my friend telling me this one:

@gustianathania i’m one of tons people who supports u..^^ keep prayin,show d world that Jesus lives in u..^^ *reflector – planetshakers

who’s gonnna tell me another encouragement? uhm.. start from seeing the announcement from Binusmaya. then following the presentation. following the every moments from Mr. Japanese told for all of the participants at the class. doing the CV. sending message to my father – that still working on his office in that afternoon. receiving his permission to take the interview.

thinking and thinking at the moment. asking and asking the very detail of this NGO and its stuff. understanding the very fabrics of what I have to do and prepare. and what I am going to get if I continue the interview. what else? ngapain ntar gue? buat apa? bayar berapa? gimana skripsi? gimana nilai matkul yang belom memenuhi standar. enough. gotta see this :

“The sky isn’t always blue. The sun doesn’t always shine. It’s alright to fall apart sometimes” (One and One – Robert Miles)

I gotta move. I gotta make some movement or whatever it calls. and then I can let everyone to jump. oh no! bukan. bukan. heheh. but I look far away. The chance is just today. this time. And I won’t regret it. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. So, I choose to get into the interview and now get this word. Gorgeous words 🙂

I never felt so alive. Doing everything i can. I believe these all would lead to something or somewhere ( @2stepsnorth – Rainbow) i love it

i posted it on twitter. the famous social network for these days. haha. ga juga sih. ada plurk. masih ada facebook. fb blm oldschool banget kok :p *tapi nowadays people let themselves to drown their finger into this tweet-tweet world. and. after many stupidity acts of and before the interview – of mine, that time I should pay attention to this philosophy :

“if every path seems long, just hold your breath, be bold my friend!, lets leaves a mark!” ( @2stepsnorth -A Friendly Reminder)

yeah, I gotta sleep now. 02.10 am already. and at 9, I have to fill my soul with The Owner above. Praise and  Worship him whole-heartedly. this is my finnish. gatau lagi sbenernya mau naro kata” apa lagi.. confused. hee

the point: I am ready to get there, If You want to, God.

*but not to the Big Ben. another. place. but still have Big Clock. as I wish. hihi. later, big bengs! 🙂

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