Being exists

hello everyone!

inside of writing some posts on my blog and they’re about lyrics or something about music. now, i want to share a little bit of my opinion.

  1. well, i don’t like to be being someone nice! really! if i can, i wanna try to be sucha vicious girl. but the question is: do people take you as what are you being now? or they’ll just think that you’re a nice person (inside).
  2. i’m saying this because this time i’ve had to face my sister from another mom. my niece. a daughter from my father’s sister at Sumatra. a proud province in Indonesia. and near Lake Toba.
  3. the point is: when her husband and herself came to my house, i just laydown my body to my parents bedroom [this is cool]. Oh no exactly! But i prefer to be that one. than to take an attention with her for some reason.
  4. i don’t like to pretend to be a nice one. realize me! for some occasion i do care of her. but if i don’t have something to said, i’d rather to choose staying somewhere else alone. and enjoys something good.
  5. hence, someday i’ll be another loner. yet i don’t know when the time will be. and i think people in our surrounding will have to be like what i do for a while.
    to be a real person. to be a truly nice person. to be a good and gorgeous person. to be someone who got a lot of knowledge to face this life. and to achieve something we are good at. though also to be able to struggle for every problem we have. my community teach me this! for a pleasure in the whole of my growth. yes! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. for a time, it is important for us to take a meditation. to share something positive to many people around us. then they can get something good from us. not the negative one.
  7. we need to stay positive. I am still lack of knowledge. lack of information. lack of sights. to see what is right and what is wrong. a positive mind keep a positive act.

i like to be informated [not because i’m an information system student]. hehe. and i like to flushed by a kibble of quotes. i love quotes ๐Ÿ˜‰

and i love to share everything in here. more privacy [though for some people] . more freedom. and more creativity later. by all!

take a good life for yourself to live this life fully!

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