a picture from Youkyeah!







all of the pictures were taken at situs on Jogjakarta. one of my recommendation to take some holiday there. for a month if it could be! 😀

life is good. and i feel that atmosphere there. a beautiful scenery from above. a huge culturalnism. a proud society. a humble character on every human ive meet. a moore comfortable place to live for every breath we dont wanna spend in a place like ‘polutantly jakarta’. oh! for God’s sake!

and at last, a very discipline people on every way i passed in the street. they wear helmet. queing before the zebracross-mark. and a kind one when i wanted to take a picture at Tugu on saturday nite! [pssst.. he/she lights his car to lighting my sister and i when taking some photos] hahaha.

awesome! though i feel agitated when taking picture at Tugu. all around us was cars. stopping and running across the Tugu. thankfully im not really hipnotized for the atmosphere. cold. plus exciting.

i’d rather to choose Youkyeah! to spent my old years. i don’t care about the past earthquakes. just feels like in the peaceland there. heart-warming 😉

live your life so!

-continue later!

One Response to “a picture from Youkyeah!”

  1. ahahahah bingung ni gw mau ninggal komen dimana. iyaa cassey anak 6 dulu. lo kenal kah?

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