white [again] interiora














source: desiretoinspire.net

i layk interior. i layk. i layk it. hahah! sadeees. am an information system student. why should i found this? yeah, there’re a lot of reasons to explain. first, before am entering inf syst.  major, i was likely to become an interior design at least. but the situation and condition *harus bisa gambar lah, design lah, matematika juga lah*aaaaa! * thats why i didnt choose it. ya. karna gue nggak bisa designing. stop.

the second reason is im  really into psychology. but then.. i cant really understand people that much. dan rumours yg menyatakan bahwa psikoliji jadi ikutan gila kalo bnyk ktemu org sakit. sakittt! yaudah stop.

and many majors that reasoning why do i choose inf syst. but i like to designing my own criteria for my ownself thingy. like bedroom, bookstuff, clothes, old thingy, and desk for study. yes. thats entertaining. though i dont really understand or majoring interior design in the real life. *hikshiks* at least i am considering not to jump up into this inf syst. major. computer development. *becuz youve had the 5th semester now* my heart talks. ihihi.

ahyaudalah udah bagus kuliah.. masih baaaaanyak manusia diluar sana yg nggak bisa menyicip pendidikan as life-fully as you do! so, grateful is in the right place to be said.

cheer up! and grab your dream as hard as you can work hard on it!  i bet youll be another Oprah someday. or Jenny McCarthy who have a lot of excitements in her life to do for human. and got Jim Carrey as her bf now is a purrrfect life. laugh for every sadness. because she have sucha humorous hubby then. so there wont be another divorce or something like that. ahahah!  ih so bijak. eleanorrr! dang! udah mulai gajelas.

happy with your works everyone!  love it first. then love others LIFE-FULLY!

pipawwwww !!  😀

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