the perfect man


Holly : Okay, l’m through with these people and I want new ones.
Jean : Unfortunately, honey pie, new people are only new for a day. After that, they’re just people. Who will excite you, disappoint you… scare you a little bit. And, boy, I know how tempting it is to run away when that happens. It’s good for avoiding things. But the problem is you end up… avoiding yourself. Avoiding people you love. You end up avoiding life.
So, l”ve decided to start setting an example for you girls. I’m going to try showing you what sticking it out looks like. Really get to know people. And let people get to know us. I don’t promise to be any good at it, but I will try. Because I want you and Zoe to be better at this than I am. I want you to learn how to let people in.
once i’ve watched this movie is the time when i have finished my senior high school. me and my fella were busy to find some uni. but thk God ;D we find ourselves destination..yayayay..and this movie was playback in one of tvchannel and soon i remembered the time when me and my fella watch this. hemm..reminds me a lot to find someone in our life..
*ouch! soon i will be find some soundtracks in this movie.yipiyy
source of the quotes : motherhood

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