sketch the view.past.


thought that will never break up

thought that can be still together

through whatever bad or good

still expecting for the goodness

and when the day seems to be separated this

the freedom is in the sky

make everystuff feel free to fly away

never be judged or caged anymore

just draw the new chapter

in a slippery road of life. better.

-nya 21st april ’09-

7 Responses to “sketch the view.past.”

  1. hi, nice poem you have here, and nice blog too!! thank you for visiting my blog.. met kenal yaaa šŸ˜€

  2. eehmmmm loe puitis jg, tp gw rada kurang ngartos tuh bacaannya coz english semua. he he he

  3. thx yaah
    sherinesky – met knal šŸ˜€
    riandragon – yah abisnya yg out loud dr otak gue bahasa ini yann tq yaa šŸ˜€

  4. ofcourse, thanks! I’ll link yours too:)

  5. jg ga terlalu kenal sih.. cewenya temen gw, dia. keren emg yaa blognya.foto2nya apalagi. Gw ada twitter.follow ya @aatalyaa. tp sumpah gw masih ga ngerti ni. lagian lebih suka plurking. Apa krn blm ngerti twitter kali ya.hehe..

  6. apa kabar Nia? skr di kelas apa loe?

  7. hi sweetness! makasih udah dikunjungin lagi..kok belum ada apdetan? ayo2..nulis lagiiii.. šŸ™‚

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