the way we're together

the way we're together

grrrr..this is my enough time..loh? is my first day on “3rd go to 4th semester” -holiday till 23 february.its such a confused one when i haven’t make any plan to do tomorrow. no bodyelse even with me. haha. but i still have many friends, fellas that i can ask directly to accompany me to do some weird things together.. that photo describe about a day that i spent with my senior high school friends. and i am a girl who wear a chocolate cardigan with a glasses. thank you for that day girls!

i remember when my teacher. actually my physics teacher. that initialed N say like this ” on saturday u have to set urself FREE! no book. no lesson. no anythings to learn. just have ur own holiday. because u have 5 days to spent urself with book. so in saturday set ur plan to go out somewhere.

*yeah! spertinya saya mulai lebih ngawur berbahasa inggris saat ini. mungkin di 2bulan liburan panjang nanti saya bisa lebih meluangkan waktu untuk kembali duduk di ruangan berlembaga English First. hahaha. aminn! 😀

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