Be Polite! Honour another

this is not really can be called satisfaction..

but i try to make these things purely perfect..

it’s a kind of hardest thing to be finish.

but i know if i listen to my faith then i can surely go forward.

like another human have done.

there’s hope from India Arie is just be my guide to these second to accompany me through this late nite. before i arrive at home last minute before, i heard a wife and husband were talking about their times in the afternoon that really no t to be interesting to heard.

becuz,they just fight their mouth together though i was sitting behind them. it’s not a polite situation for me 😉

yes because i know what politeness means. it shows me a little honour for some persons in arounds. though u didn’t know them, if u can do that politeness-isation yes u can respect to the OTHERS!

Happy reading 😉



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